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Sat 08:23 Is a complex algebraic set with a Zariski dense subset of algebraic points already defined over the algebraic numbers? –

Sat 08:23 What is the logical status of the sentence combining the ideas of Löb and Rosser, "this sentence is provable before any proof of its negation"? –

Fri 20:23 Consistency of a strange (choice-wise) set of reals –

Wed 20:23 Is every smooth projective variety contained in a chain of smooth projective varieties of increasing dimension? –

Sat 15:23 The parity of the maximal number of consecutive 1s in the binary expansion of an integer –

Fri 08:23 Does there exists a finite set of points in Euclidean plane in which every point has at least 3 points in the same distance? –

Thu 15:23 Number of finite index subgroups in a free abelian group –

Thu 08:23 Reason for breakdown of a nice binomial identity –

Thu 08:23 Will this Turing machine find a proof of its halting? –

Tue 20:23 The editor wrote the paper for me –

Tue 15:23 In practice, how explicitly can we describe a Galois representation? –

Mon 15:23 When can we divide continuous functions? –

Sun 15:23 Page-turning number of a graph –

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