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Thu 08:23 why 'not(True) * True' does not give me an invalid syntax error, just like 'True * not(True)' –

Wed 15:23 Negotiate a salary after signing a job offer – workplace

Tue 15:23 Employee PC After Termination – workplace

Mon 15:23 Dealing with manager that has high turnover but great reviews from departing engineers – workplace

Mon 08:23 How to find the average of the differences between all the numbers of a Python List –

Fri 20:23 How to turn down a pitch when someone won't take no for an answer? – workplace

Fri 08:23 Department is being safety audited so they are making me sign a pile of documents I've never seen before in my several years there – workplace

Thu 15:23 If I delay the interview process with a company due to vacation, do I increase the probability that they hire someone else? – workplace

Wed 20:23 Previous client wants details about a past project from my previous company – workplace

Wed 20:23 How to politely ask an employee to avoid personal texting during meetings? – workplace

Wed 15:23 Should I tell my boss that I am doing a crazy amount of overtime? – workplace

Wed 08:23 Startup going under - who owns the code? – workplace

Mon 15:23 What is the rounding rule when the last digit is 5 in .NET 6? –

Mon 08:23 Add percentage in the right side of the histogram with legend –

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