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Wed 08:23 Is it possible to write code in driver that would limit the output value between zero and one? – blender

Wed 08:23 Dry running a function – softwareengineering

Wed 08:23 How to choose very good journals in mathematics – academia

Wed 08:23 Pull-up and pull-down resistor on one trace – electronics

Wed 08:23 If my machine is infected and I run a Virtual Machine inside of it, will the VM also be compromised – security

Wed 08:23 How do I create square polygons of a given length from a single corner point in QGIS? – gis

Wed 08:23 How do I navigate and read pages on home site pages? – meta

Wed 08:23 Is it cheating to get help with graded homework? – academia

Wed 08:23 Do Open Source Licenses allow authors to corrupt their own code, like in the colors.js case? – opensource

Wed 08:23 Scam? Does having this capacitor wired as shown provide any surge protection? – electronics

Tue 20:23 Debian apparently rolled out a security update, but I can't find the corresponding announcement. How shall I proceed? – unix

Tue 20:23 Military plans and the rule of failing the execution – writing

Tue 20:23 Cannot upload Wikipedia images: By design? – meta

Tue 20:23 Why are multiple locomotives attached only to the front for larger trains? – engineering

Tue 20:23 QGIS connect two branches of polygon and keep a ring inside – gis

Tue 20:23 Origin of the war-cry "Eulalia" in Brian Jacques's Redwall series? – literature

Tue 20:23 Check if apex is being run in Rest Resource – salesforce

Tue 20:23 LegacyQuestions - Bringing back the old questions design –

Tue 20:23 How does RAID0 work underneath, when the devices have different sizes? – unix

Tue 20:23 How do we know the precise position of the JWST? – space

Tue 15:23 Is it common for derailleur limit screws to drift over time? – bicycles

Tue 15:23 Contacted company asking if there's an iOS software engineering role, and they responded saying QA would be a perfect fit. How can I navigate this? – workplace

Tue 15:23 Where is the menu to set origin to geometry? – blender

Tue 15:23 USA to Canada after 90 days without re-entering it – travel

Tue 15:23 Properly grounding junction box for conduit transition – diy

Tue 15:23 Legacy Questions - Bringing back the old questions design –

Tue 08:23 Residual using absolute loss linear regression – stats

Tue 08:23 If you travel on car with nearly the speed of light and turn on the car headlights: will it shine in gamma light instead of visible light? – physics

Tue 08:23 Cessna 172E Fuel Leak from carburetor – aviation

Tue 08:23 What is meant by “unwholesome words”? – hermeneutics

Tue 08:23 If a debt collection company refuses full payment is the debt still valid? – money

Tue 08:23 Has any piston machine been used on a space mission? – space

Tue 08:23 No access to data as a data analyst. How do I change this culture? – workplace

Tue 08:23 What happens if clock cycle is replaced with constant high voltage in a processor? – electronics

Tue 08:23 Can I ask for a recent feature change to be reverted in whole, and what are the chances of such a request succeeding? – meta

Mon 20:23 How to find all possible isomers of a given molecule? – chemistry

Mon 20:23 Appending word in certain lines by using a list with line numbers with SED – unix

Mon 20:23 What is a Haar random quantum state? – quantumcomputing

Mon 20:23 What does "off-chain code lives in the wallet" mean? – cardano

Mon 20:23 Do we know for sure that all atomic and molecular wavefunctions decay exponentially as r goes to infinity? – mattermodeling

Mon 20:23 How to shift noise texture without distortion? – blender

Mon 20:23 How to widen rough opening for installation of pre-hung interior door? – diy

Mon 15:23 Batch exporting GeoPackage attribute table to CSV in QGIS – gis

Mon 15:23 How do you cover an F1 race in a comic book? – writing

Mon 15:23 Which planet came first in our Solar system? – astronomy

Mon 15:23 I accidentally deleted /usr/bin/test and now I can't update, upgrade and install packages –

Mon 15:23 Are Metaheuristics and Evolutionary Algorithms the "Gold Standard" for the Traveling Salesman Problem? – or

Mon 15:23 Is there a contract, or was this offer not accepted? – law

Mon 15:23 What is this chip, who makes it and what's it used for? – electronics

Mon 08:23 Material shifts in geo nodes – blender

Mon 08:23 Meaning of injectives objects in a category – math

Mon 08:23 Can I leave excess wire to allow for future use? – diy

Mon 08:23 How literate were common people in Medieval Europe? – history

Mon 08:23 Change material settings of multiple materials – blender

Mon 08:23 Rigorous treatment of integration by parts in a Calculus 1 course – math

Mon 08:23 Transformation Of The Meaning Of the Word "Idiot" – english

Mon 08:23 M. M. Artyukhov / М. М. Артюхов –

Sun 20:23 How to disable LED on Acer ED270UP Monitor –

Sun 20:23 No updates for 4 months –

Sun 20:23 Could the Paleocene–Eocene thermal maximum have been caused by intelligent life forms? – earthscience

Sun 20:23 How did people make oscillators before they had the triode? – electronics

Sun 20:23 A word describing the bottom end of the planet (the south pole) – german

Sun 20:23 Unlinked interlocking planar polygons –

Sun 20:23 How to choose country in which to have U.S. visa interview? – travel

Sun 20:23 How do commands resolve in bash? – unix

Sun 20:23 How can the same radio signal be received by 100s of receivers without any loss in it – electronics

Sun 15:23 Can induced drag be negative? – aviation

Sun 15:23 What do these three lines through the measure mean? – music

Sun 15:23 What is this Nokia networking device? –

Sun 15:23 Combine two position nodes from different mesh primitives inside a geometry node tree – blender

Sun 15:23 Zener diode and input voltage noise – electronics

Sun 15:23 Are there infinitely many primes ⌊ex⌋ with x a positive integer? –

Sun 15:23 Why can atoms only gain or lose electrons and not protons? – physics

Sun 08:23 How do satellite motors keep themselves cool and lubricated? – space

Sun 08:23 How "complete" can the deletion of SE accounts be? – meta

Sun 08:23 Why long haul touring bikes are sold with 9-speed drivetrains? – bicycles

Sun 08:23 I can't find the Create [Insert Shape Name] button in Blender 2.9 – blender

Sun 08:23 What is the purpose of flanged plugs? – diy

Sun 08:23 Should an N channel MOSFET turn on when I apply the rated "gate threshold voltage"? – electronics

Sun 08:23 Which "bra" came first? – english

Sat 20:23 Trying to install linux –

Sat 20:23 How did the various Soviet ZX Spectrum clones support Cyrillic text? – retrocomputing

Sat 20:23 Where can one see the border waiting time in real time or historical data, for people queuing from the US to Mexico? – travel

Sat 20:23 Elbow or just bend PEX pipe through wall – diy

Sat 20:23 Is it possible to realize the Moebius strip as a linear group orbit? –

Sat 20:23 Why 'ping' does not output summary? – unix

Sat 15:23 How do I calculate square root in Python? –

Sat 15:23 How do laws of physics prohibit direct conversion of particles to antiparticles? – physics

Sat 08:23 Touring bike with good support network in India – bicycles

Sat 08:23 Difference betwen const std::array<T,N> and std::array<const T, N> –

Sat 08:23 Is there a way to make find use shell's extglob shell option? – unix

Sat 08:23 Have I Run Too Many Lines In This Box? – diy

Sat 08:23 Field Calculator function caused all my rows to become Null – gis

Sat 08:23 What Shader Node Is It? – blender

Sat 08:23 Why is the energy in a battery QV, but the energy in a capacitor QV/2 – electronics

Sat 08:23 Selecting similar following groups of faces – blender

Sat 08:23 The location of the exact center of the observable universe – physics

Sat 08:23 Why are numeric citations used? – academia

Fri 20:23 Looking for free versions of older chess engines – chess

Fri 20:23 Meaning of “universitas litterarum“? – latin

Fri 20:23 Why are train brakes so complicated? – engineering

Fri 20:23 Analysis of a jazz chord progression – music

Fri 20:23 How can I calculate the raster counts within an overlapping polygon in QGIS? – gis

Fri 20:23 Why energy in a battery is QV where is energy in a capacitor is QV/2 – electronics

Fri 20:23 Why are unused launch abort rockets jettisoned rather than used to augment thrust? – space

Fri 15:23 JWST - Why unfurl before reaching L2? – space

Fri 15:23 What could prevent the start of MCU – electronics

Fri 15:23 Is there a non-awful free word processor for Windows? – softwarerecs

Fri 15:23 Why should I care about Gauss-Bonnet (and Gaussian curvature)? – math

Fri 15:23 What is the word for the airflow effect from opening two windows on opposite sides of a room? – english

Fri 08:23 Do cut-outs have any disadvantages at saddles? – bicycles

Fri 08:23 Caffeine molecule representation and orientation – chemistry

Fri 08:23 French Drain: Why do I need 3" of rock bedding beneath the pipe? – diy

Fri 08:23 Why are numeric citations useful? – academia

Thu 20:23 Double Bridge-Rectifier Circuit Question – electronics

Thu 20:23 Simplifying complicated music file names – unix

Thu 20:23 How to practise exact timing on the piano? – music

Thu 20:23 Generalized Stokes' theorem –

Thu 20:23 The "Amazing Hidden Power" of Random Search? – stats

Thu 15:23 How come SFP modules are so incompatible? – networkengineering

Thu 15:23 What can I do when a vendor will only refund to the same card I used if I have cancelled that card? – money

Thu 08:23 Can a planet with no atmosphere be orbited at extremely low altitudes? – astronomy

Thu 08:23 Damaged company equipment by accident - company now wants me to sign form – workplace

Thu 08:23 Why does the resistance of a space heater decrease as it gets hot? – electronics

Thu 08:23 Creating circle around point with specific radius taken from column in QGIS – gis

Thu 08:23 Twisting two cables: Does the rotation of each cable play any role? – electronics

Thu 08:23 Using grep/awk to find/print certain value in a text file – unix

Thu 08:23 When we say 'Andromeda galaxy is 2 500 000 light years away from us' do we mean 'now' or in a far past? – physics

Thu 08:23 "// TODO sg: TMP solution until we are confident..." showing up on question pages on multiple sites – meta

Wed 20:23 Why was Russell discontent with Wittgenstein's view on "logic as tautologies"? – philosophy

Wed 20:23 How do I keep the lights on permanently? – diy

Wed 20:23 Should I ask for permission to name a mathematical theorem? – academia

Wed 20:23 Is Backlog a list of items or a status of those items? – pm

Wed 20:23 Dividing machines into groups of equal sizes so that each group has approximately same productivity – or

Wed 20:23 Is the CDF of the Mean always 0.5 for all kind of distributions? – stats

Wed 15:23 Is it legal to describe something exactly as "cheese" without asterisks or other qualification if it doesn't contain any dairy? – law

Wed 15:23 What is the benefit of regression with student-t residuals over OLS regression? – stats

Wed 15:23 any valid reason for two breakers turn on the same light fixture? – diy

Wed 15:23 Difference between lotteries and events that involve randomness? – law

Wed 08:23 How can Jesus be God in light of Revelation 3v12 – hermeneutics

Wed 08:23 Is it possible to display objects, group of objects as bounding boxes? – blender

Wed 08:23 Can a diode bridge be connected to a high input voltage? – electronics

Wed 08:23 Once tenured, is a faculty member guaranteed a minimum salary? – academia

Wed 08:23 Why are quasi-categories better than simplicial categories? –

Wed 08:23 Why are the Nintendo 64 memory cards' batteries *soldered* on? – retrocomputing

Wed 08:23 Could I write a "Parry Hotter" novel? – law

Wed 08:23 Routing traces to and from a 48 pin microcontroller becoming a mess – electronics

Tue 20:23 How does Australia split its legal profession? – law

Tue 20:23 How can a Scrum daily not be a status pull? – pm

Tue 20:23 How to draw or create a rounded rectangle in Blender using curves (not a plane/cube)? – blender

Tue 20:23 L'Hopital rule for upper and lower limit? –

Tue 20:23 Replying to students' emails or ignoring irrelevant questions – academia

Tue 15:23 Are there any hotels with a 24h check-in option in Vilnius, Lithuania? – travel

Tue 15:23 ELO disadvantage due to one pawn move in Indian Chess – chess

Tue 15:23 Damaged company equipment by accident - company now want me to sign form – workplace

Tue 15:23 Is it really safe to pass sensitive data to another script via stdin, compared to passing via arguments (Linux) – security

Tue 08:23 Blender 3.0 Offical Release get rid off some geonodes that were in 3.0a - what to do in cases such as this? – blender

Tue 08:23 Photo Competition 2022-01-31: Wood – photo

Tue 08:23 Limits and colimits in the category of condensed abelian groups –

Tue 08:23 How can Planck's constant take different values? – physics

Tue 08:23 What does the 'L' line in Elgar's "The Spirit of the Lord" mean? – music

Tue 08:23 When flying to Geneva, do we follow Swiss or French Covid rules? – travel

Tue 08:23 How many lists of the 613 Mitzvot are there, and who wrote them? – judaism

Tue 08:23 Understand result of Lorentz transform – physics

Tue 08:23 How to deal [as a reviewer] with a paper in peer review that breaks anonymity – academia

Tue 08:23 Is there a single example of an outsider considered a "crank" publishing a ground-breaking result that was found to be correct (in the last 30 years)? – academia

Mon 20:23 What is the connection between mechanics and electrodynamics that makes it necessary for both of these to obey the same principle of relativity? – physics

Mon 20:23 Heating a very short piece of NiCr wire (0.005 ohms) – electronics

Mon 20:23 Why is controlling for too many variables considered harmful? – stats

Mon 20:23 How can I contact JK Rowling for permission to publish my sequel for the Harry Potter series? – writing

Mon 20:23 Modelling stronger binary expression – or

Mon 20:23 How can I repair a snapped 4x4 mailbox post without digging out the footing? – diy

Mon 20:23 Does paying off all credit accounts worsen your score? – money

Mon 20:23 Why is this Planet Labs video wobbly? – space

Mon 20:23 What language did Gaius Julius Caesar speak with Cleopatra? – history

Mon 20:23 Is there any research showing a correlation between wealth and academic performance? – academia

Mon 20:23 Is every finite circuit "solvable" using Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's loop rules? – physics

Mon 15:23 Can an authenticator app count as "something you have" and the code to open it as "something you know" for 2FA? – security

Mon 15:23 What is the best way to remove large amounts of rubble from a backyard with narrow access (1.2 m wide) and a steep (30 degree) driveway? – diy

Mon 15:23 how to use subdivision modifier to joined object? – blender

Mon 15:23 What kind of matter is Positronium? – physics

Mon 15:23 Why does the Weierstrass function have no derivative? – math

Mon 15:23 Managing high power battery pack voltages – electronics

Mon 15:23 Why this plane is struggling to gain altitude? – aviation

Mon 15:23 My paper is rejected repeatedly without naming a technical flaw – academia

Mon 15:23 How could I share my concern about university ranking with a potential supervisor? – academia

Mon 08:23 How does the OPL2 Composite Sine Mode work? – retrocomputing

Mon 08:23 How to run full length cable housing to front mech on a frame without cable stops? – bicycles

Mon 08:23 Have more than 18 Start Menu Items with Windows 11 –

Mon 08:23 Make a tube shaped like a curve – blender

Mon 08:23 Proper regression for determining correlations between derivatives of functions – stats

Mon 08:23 The Wiener measure of an open set –

Mon 08:23 Short prayer after a vort or dvar torah – judaism

Mon 08:23 Could fuel cells of the Space Shuttles have been restarted in the case of a total power failure? – space

Mon 08:23 meaning of "tapped on the shoulder" – english

Mon 08:23 What aspects contribute most to me being slow on this bike? – bicycles

Mon 08:23 Is there a scale called the relative minor scale? – music

Mon 08:23 Can I move a piece somewhere else if I left it but didn't press the clock? – chess

Mon 08:23 How to repair a snapped 4x4 on a mailbox (thanks snowplow guy) – diy

Mon 08:23 When an object crosses a black hole event horizon, does the entire object cross the event horizon "all at once?" – physics

Sun 20:23 Why does 'top' fail to run via 'xargs'? – unix

Sun 20:23 How does one use the expression »Mich hat’s voll erwischt!«? – german

Sun 20:23 Faster calculation of cumulative sum in attribute table in QGIS – gis

Sun 15:23 Can you turn off object visibility in a separate window? – blender

Sun 15:23 How does this oscillator work in radio transmitter? – electronics

Sun 15:23 What is the difference between the below notations? – math

Sun 15:23 Are Debian APT packages not officially supported or acknowledged by application developers? – unix

Sun 15:23 Will a 24 x4 in tire fit on a 26x4-in rim – bicycles

Sun 15:23 Where to find complete list of format specifier for date command? – unix

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