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Sat 20:23 Did Catholic Church alter the Nicene creed? – christianity

Sat 20:23 What is the source of this humorous quotation: "it is obvious" (when it isn't obvious) – literature

Sat 20:23 ASKED: Why do many "No Trespassing" signs say "POSTED"? – law

Sat 20:23 When stars explode after running out of fuel, why are new stars born from the remnants? – astronomy

Sat 20:23 smallest number of steps for a knight in chess – codegolf

Sat 15:23 Weird circuit schematics – electronics

Sat 15:23 When mathematical statistics outsmarts probability theory – stats

Sat 15:23 Usage of "Itadakimasu" for digital objects – japanese

Sat 15:23 Why is sacrificing an extra pawn good for White in the Goring gambit but bad in the Smith-Morra gambit? – chess

Sat 15:23 Why does it take longer for food to bake when the oven is full? – cooking

Sat 15:23 Strange Clause in Employment Contract Concerning Leaving Job – law

Sat 15:23 Did Barack Obama keep 33 million pages of documents, including nuclear weapons documents? – skeptics

Sat 08:23 Patching things up with advisor – academia

Sat 08:23 Using spherical stones for cannon practice – worldbuilding

Sat 08:23 How to add gain to this op-amp based precision full wave rectifier? – electronics

Sat 08:23 Can Local Search Operators be formulated as a Mixed Integer Program? – or

Sat 08:23 CGCC Rocket Biking – codegolf

Sat 08:23 How do you measure 2 ounces of dry thin spaghetti pasta? – cooking

Sat 08:23 Maps of our real world without borders, towns, etc? – worldbuilding

Sat 08:23 Is a complex algebraic set with a Zariski dense subset of algebraic points already defined over the algebraic numbers? –

Sat 08:23 What "spectacular to watch" algorithms were used for sorting tapes? – retrocomputing

Sat 08:23 What is the logical status of the sentence combining the ideas of Löb and Rosser, "this sentence is provable before any proof of its negation"? –

Sat 08:23 Body-swapped racist learns about tolerance – scifi

Sat 08:23 How do I control the sensitivity range of an LDR-controlled LED? – electronics

Sat 08:23 In the US are new product safety features implemented by manufacturers ipso facto proof that they were aware their earlier products were unsafe? – law

Sat 08:23 I am an active member of the Communist Party of Greece, will I have trouble visiting the US? – travel

Sat 08:23 Is the overvoltage protection used in this circuit a normal way of doing it? – electronics

Fri 20:23 What does a capacitor marked "105 | 47 μF" mean? – electronics

Fri 20:23 Definition of mineralisation in context of organic chemistry – chemistry

Fri 20:23 Consistency of a strange (choice-wise) set of reals –

Fri 20:23 Does God ever answer prayers from non-believers? – christianity

Fri 20:23 How to align between text and math between two columns? – tex

Fri 20:23 How does js files behave when same lwc is repeated in a component? – salesforce

Fri 20:23 Can medical records ever be subpoenaed or discovered in any judicial context? – law

Fri 20:23 What does the social idiom "not received" mean in 19th century America? – english

Fri 20:23 What does these train codes on Paris RER B (airports subway line) mean? – travel

Fri 20:23 How to make a 1 H, 10 A inductor – electronics

Fri 15:23 I Have a Problem with Premature Yanking – vi

Fri 15:23 Inner tube kink – bicycles

Fri 15:23 Gaussian: Do bonds between atoms of input influence the result a lot? – mattermodeling

Fri 15:23 help(iface.activeLayer.startEditing) question – gis

Fri 15:23 Scientific stance on 'life from non-life, naturally'? – philosophy

Fri 15:23 Setting tikz path options with a newcommand – tex

Fri 15:23 Could my water heater in a 4 unit townhome be shared and explain my high power bill? – diy

Fri 15:23 A better Hexagony template – codegolf

Fri 15:23 What to do when a publication uses results of your research, but does not cite it – academia

Fri 15:23 From original dataset, find the probability of each element in each row having the maximum value in its row – mathematica

Fri 15:23 In which (if any) Star Trek episodes does that show’s captain not appear? – scifi

Fri 15:23 Confusion About Energy Bands – physics

Fri 15:23 What does the social idiom "not received" mean? – english

Fri 15:23 How jet engines generate electrical power? – aviation

Fri 08:23 Why did Spirit (MER-A) lose a wheel? – space

Fri 08:23 Success Stories of "Statistics"? – stats

Fri 08:23 How is that possible that a same song is presented as 3 different scores? – music

Fri 08:23 One circuit in house losing voltage – diy

Fri 08:23 How can I know who is accelerating? – Inertial reference frames and relative motion – physics

Fri 08:23 Seeing the queen's lasers – codegolf

Fri 08:23 One person patenting a biology researcher's published idea – law

Fri 08:23 How much does temperature affect the 555 IC? – electronics

Fri 08:23 How to slow and limit the scope of the internal combustion engine in powering an airship – worldbuilding

Fri 08:23 Recent site instability, major outages – July/August 2022 – meta

Thu 20:23 Does a time-varying electric field, which is produced by a time-varying magnetic field, itself induce an other magnetic field? – physics

Thu 20:23 What's wrong with or? – mathematica

Thu 20:23 Why cut on the bias? – cooking

Thu 20:23 Isn't energy absolute according to Thermodynamics? – physics

Thu 20:23 Contract mentions an outdated law – law

Thu 20:23 Do Americans say "My car's tire has a slow puncture" in everyday English? – ell

Thu 20:23 Temporary bug: moderators able to see individual votes from all users – meta

Thu 15:23 What Semantic Version increment to use for a filename change? – softwareengineering

Thu 15:23 Do I Need to Publish my Source Code because of LGPL? – opensource

Thu 15:23 What are searchers called? – english

Thu 15:23 Sci fi short story about automation leading to less meaningful work – scifi

Thu 15:23 Could Alex Jones' lawyer have claimed back the data he should have produced in discovery? – law

Thu 15:23 Is duration of a bond a convex function? – quant

Thu 15:23 Has there ever been a Marvel television show with a (consistent) opening intro with sung/spoken lyrics? – scifi

Thu 15:23 What purpose does publishing a white paper serve? – politics

Thu 15:23 What's the best way of being clear that a dash ("–") is being used as subtraction in a written message? – english

Thu 15:23 May a non-student person working in a research university lab that hosts PhD students refuse to teach PhD students how to do lab work without more $? – academia

Thu 15:23 Why does my Indian food taste bland – cooking

Thu 15:23 Proving a world is in our galaxy – worldbuilding

Thu 15:23 Divisor of a string – codegolf

Thu 08:23 Is it possible to use a system of ring-shaped muscles to pump blood instead of a heart? – worldbuilding

Thu 08:23 Can a foreign resident apply for a US passport in the US? – travel

Thu 08:23 Meaning of equivalents in organic synthesis – chemistry

Thu 08:23 What is the best ways of cleaning/bathing inside an astronaut suit? – worldbuilding

Thu 08:23 What could be an explanation for a satellite-like moving light in the night sky that dims over time – astronomy

Thu 08:23 Confusion about USA export restriction regarding electronics – electronics

Thu 08:23 If math is so deductive, why is it so hard to discover new math? – philosophy

Thu 08:23 Favicon sprites are offset in site list dropdown, not as a result of a new site being created – meta

Thu 08:23 What is the scope of the Charlatan background? – rpg

Thu 08:23 Cartesian - polar conversion couple – codegolf

Thu 08:23 If thrusting is the most practical way of hurting a foe, why wouldn't ancient armies use barbed weapons to inflict even more damage? – worldbuilding

Wed 20:23 What's the difference between \AtBeginDocument and \AddToHook{env/document/begin}? – tex

Wed 20:23 How come modern electronic devices support charging with various voltages through USB-C? – electronics

Wed 20:23 Nietzsche doesn't believe in free will nor in "non-free will". How come? – philosophy

Wed 20:23 Is every smooth projective variety contained in a chain of smooth projective varieties of increasing dimension? –

Wed 20:23 Phrase / idiom for a rising after a temporary comedown – english

Wed 20:23 Is Romana still the only Time Lord to be one of the Doctor's companions? – scifi

Wed 15:23 Weird French in Prey? – movies

Wed 15:23 Colorblindness-friendly color scale with a clear progression, without using red/purple/pink – ux

Wed 15:23 Is it considered a breach of confidentiality if data is uploaded to a website which only makes that data available to the uploader? – law

Wed 15:23 How quickly can a [skilled, professional] percussionist switch between tam-tam and bass drum? – music

Wed 15:23 Do items like Headband of Intellect or Gauntlets of Ogre Strength work with Wildshape? – rpg

Wed 15:23 What are the orbital velocities of the other planets? For objects in a 'Low-Earth-Orbit' around planets other than Earth, e.g.? – astronomy

Wed 15:23 Would Underwater Races be Near or Farsighted? – worldbuilding

Wed 15:23 Does introduction of new variable always increase the p-val of existing ones? – stats

Wed 15:23 Can I "see" the moon? – ell

Wed 15:23 How can I verify that my hard disk has been zeroed / wiped? – unix

Wed 08:23 Impedance, square waves, and duty cycle – electronics

Wed 08:23 Why would a former US president's announcement of a reelection bid cut off legal defense funds? – politics

Wed 08:23 What to do with sprinkler pipe under spiral staircase foundation? – diy

Wed 08:23 What are the evolutionary advantages of males wanting females to mate with other males? – worldbuilding

Wed 08:23 Three airplanes with enough fuel for halfway around the world - how can one make it all the way? – puzzling

Wed 08:23 Why is it "the North Island" and not "North Island" in New Zealand? – ell

Wed 08:23 Execution via pardon – law

Wed 08:23 Are the mathematical constants e and π encoded in the Bible? – skeptics

Wed 08:23 Use : colon character in weird argument — expl3 – tex

Wed 08:23 Add parentheses to Polish notation – codegolf

Wed 08:23 Anti-divisors of a number – codegolf

Tue 20:23 How to confirm the reader has the right answer without showing the answer? – puzzling

Tue 20:23 How to call the librarylink api in 13.1 – mathematica

Tue 20:23 Simulation to estimate a conditional expectation – stats

Tue 20:23 Is it considered a breech of confidentiality if data is uploaded to a website which only makes that data available to the uploader? – law

Tue 20:23 What is the difference between "Mesh" and "Geometry" in Geometry Nodes (or in general)? – blender

Tue 20:23 Unclear comments from research proposal review – academia

Tue 20:23 Reword "and 18 or up" on election pages – meta

Tue 20:23 Is spin of elementary particles same as the rotation of a planet? – physics

Tue 20:23 Is it safe for a foreigner to travel to Russia these days? – travel

Tue 20:23 what is the practical purpose of "./" infront of relative file paths – unix

Tue 15:23 What may happen if I leave out bypass capacitors? – electronics

Tue 15:23 Short Story of a Boy with an Invisible Box that Contains Joy/Happiness – scifi

Tue 15:23 Why does India get three teams for Open and Women's sections in the 2022 Chess Olympiad? – chess

Tue 15:23 In 16-bit MS-DOS, how do I get a file handle to the currently running .exe? – retrocomputing

Tue 15:23 Artificial intelligence is a hot topic, but should I pursue it if I'm interested in Matter Modeling? – mattermodeling

Tue 15:23 What is this partial box with angled arrow icon called? –

Tue 15:23 Why do raindrops look like sticks? – physics

Tue 15:23 Can you have too little body fat? – fitness

Tue 15:23 Has Spider-Man ever singlehandedly defeated a foe that was clearly out of his league? – scifi

Tue 15:23 Surviving Bag of Holding Bomb – rpg

Tue 08:23 Factorial implementation using FixedPoint – mathematica

Tue 08:23 What has China gained by doing military drills after Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan? – politics

Tue 08:23 Book about accidental robot civilization – scifi

Tue 08:23 Any elegant way to tell LaTeX that a line break after an abbreviation is bad but not impossible? – tex

Tue 08:23 How to match the beginning of a line with sed in null data mode (`-z`)? – unix

Tue 08:23 Windows 98 setup preparation hangs at 100% – retrocomputing

Tue 08:23 Replace items of list except items that are member of another list – mathematica

Tue 08:23 Is it false advertising to call a closed-source program "open"? – law

Tue 08:23 It is safe for a foreigner to travel to Russia these days? – travel

Tue 08:23 Why can't two circles intersect at more than 2 points? – math

Tue 08:23 Should I use the university or personal account for note-taking? – academia

Tue 08:23 Is it unsafe to have a seatpost "slammed"? – bicycles

Tue 08:23 Optimal strategy for wandering robots – codegolf

Mon 20:23 Does the Sun shift periodically between prograde and retrograde rotation about its axis? – astronomy

Mon 20:23 Checking if dictionary keys are being entered – codereview

Mon 20:23 How can I copy a /tmp/ directory that is created & deleted by a process? – unix

Mon 20:23 What is a single word that describes "(excessive) human desire for external validation" (i.e., popularity)? – english

Mon 20:23 What kind of melee weapon is ideal to destroy a monster's core? – worldbuilding

Mon 20:23 What are the benefits to low-AC armor having a +1 bonus? – rpg

Mon 20:23 Has Spider-Man ever defeated a clearly out of his league foe by himself? – scifi

Mon 20:23 Movie where a woman goes to a world not known to humanity or to some distant star system through a secret project – scifi

Mon 15:23 Why do PNG images sometimes become JPEG after going though the SE image uploader? – meta

Mon 15:23 Approximately how much money did Andy save of Mr. Hadley? – movies

Mon 15:23 Modern researcher communicates ideas to Elizabethan inventor resulting in accelerating technology feedback loop – scifi

Mon 15:23 How does diplomatic immunity work in the case of a diplomat being a dual citizen of both the host and guest nations? – politics

Mon 15:23 Are there any locations for electrical boxes relative to drywall seams that cause trouble for drywalling? – diy

Mon 15:23 Is it a good idea to put hobby pictures on my academic website? – academia

Mon 15:23 Why does electron degeneracy pressure not stop massive star collapse? – astronomy

Mon 15:23 Is my fast-draining, gurgling sink the cause of sewer smells? – diy

Mon 15:23 Why, on a short-field takeoff, are we taught to run the engine to full power before releasing the brakes? – aviation

Mon 15:23 Why raindrops look like sticks? – physics

Mon 15:23 What is this icon called? –

Mon 15:23 NonLinearFitModel's fit is atrocious – mathematica

Mon 15:23 Can a person be immune to all diseases and poisons – worldbuilding

Mon 15:23 Avoiding bypass capacitors – electronics

Mon 08:23 Closed loop integral of Electric Field dotted with dL – physics

Mon 08:23 'The Needler' Human alien War against the Soetti (Sweaty) – scifi

Mon 08:23 Plotting x^(x-1) – tex

Mon 08:23 How would a sapient eusocial species avoid inbreeding? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 How to read movable scale chart for A minor pentatonic? – music

Mon 08:23 How does casting spells from magic items with fixed attack bonuses/save DCs interact with magic items that provide additional bonuses? – rpg

Mon 08:23 What is the relation between abductive reasoning and fallacy? – philosophy

Mon 08:23 Word for when a derogatory form of address is used affectionately? – english

Mon 08:23 Is it legal to own a photo of someone and spread it around without their permission? – law

Mon 08:23 Why is climate change triggering faster rotation? – physics

Mon 08:23 Did the characters retain memory of their holosuite roles at the end of this episode? – scifi

Mon 08:23 Can saddle surface material affect comfort? – bicycles

Mon 08:23 Copy file to same path as source without changing directories – unix

Mon 08:23 Capitalize first letter of non-latin word (utf-8 two bits) – tex

Mon 08:23 “IQ” puzzles seem to be flooding this site – puzzling

Mon 08:23 Has China ever clearly stated that it would invade Taiwan if it declares independence? – politics

Mon 08:23 Remove all symlinks in a folder –

Mon 08:23 What is the sed equivalent for "grep -o"? – unix

Mon 08:23 Short story about an astronaut who joins a "collective mind" by letting some sort of "blob" attach to his brain – scifi

Mon 08:23 What's the origin of process return status 0 meaning success? – retrocomputing

Mon 08:23 Implement String Projection – codegolf

Sun 20:23 Vox Populi badge description not accurate enough – meta

Sun 20:23 Why is the total electrostatic energy bigger than the sum of separate energies? – physics

Sun 20:23 Is an anticipation capable of causing parallel 5ths? – music

Sun 20:23 Uncover points of scatterplot – tex

Sun 20:23 Where does the energy in coal bonds come from? – chemistry

Sun 20:23 Can I contact an author I reviewed for a typo in his manuscript without saying I'm his reviewer? – academia

Sun 20:23 Travel options to Russia – travel

Sun 20:23 Fit text within a button – mathematica

Sun 15:23 Excel - Lookup exact match in one column and exact or next higher match in another column –

Sun 15:23 Naturalism and anti-realism in the philosophy of science – philosophy

Sun 15:23 Has there ever been a piano in Star Wars? – scifi

Sun 15:23 Tips for golfing in Knight – codegolf

Sun 15:23 Looking for the particles that are emitted when a fish is detected in Terraria – codereview

Sun 15:23 SSD/HDD file format for use in both Windows 11 and Ubuntu 22.04 –

Sun 15:23 Trying to understand Bootstrapping w/ Python – stats

Sun 15:23 Straighten a piece of metal with very limited tools and skill – diy

Sun 15:23 Signed vs unsigned integer arithmetic operations in PIC MCU – electronics

Sun 15:23 Are pig testicles edible? – cooking

Sun 15:23 Sci-fi story referenced in The Practice Effect – scifi

Sun 15:23 How to make a personal website in LaTeX? – tex

Sun 15:23 Is it possible to make mortar without lime in a medieval-ish setting? – worldbuilding

Sun 15:23 Proof that if a polynomial is the zero function then all the coefficients are zero. – math

Sun 15:23 How much time should you spend planning a commit before writing code? – softwareengineering

Sun 15:23 Predator technology stagnation – movies

Sun 15:23 "Exactly noon" parts of speech – english

Sun 15:23 Can ULN2003 be a poor-man’s matched diode array? – electronics

Sun 08:23 How this (impossible?) object is called? – math

Sun 08:23 Why are PIN codes usually of even length (4 or 6)? – security

Sun 08:23 What is logic, and can logic itself be true or false? – philosophy

Sun 08:23 Transfer purchased stuff to another account – apple

Sun 08:23 Make single line independent of table pattern – tex

Sun 08:23 How to reignite a sun? – worldbuilding

Sun 08:23 Maximum safe gate-source voltage (gate current) for JFET – electronics

Sun 08:23 'Background on/in sth' – ell

Sun 08:23 How do on hit pushback effects interact with multiattacks – rpg

Sun 08:23 First time traveling by plane - concerned about short connections at Newark – travel

Sun 08:23 Contrator made Concrete parallelogram for shed foundation – diy

Sat 20:23 Limit of Summation K is Not a Number – mathematica

Sat 20:23 Does check in online change the cancelation policy – travel

Sat 20:23 NULL values appear when taking the sum of two columns taken from Lookup tables – dba

Sat 20:23 Why do we need importance sampling? – stats

Sat 20:23 TIKZ/PGF: How to override the opacity of the text inside a node? – tex

Sat 20:23 Was Mary Stuart's execution not accompanied by a bill of attainder? – history

Sat 20:23 Antiballast for flying ship – worldbuilding

Sat 20:23 Chinese citizen resident in Schengen area visiting Republic of Ireland – travel

Sat 20:23 Harvesting lightnings for real life Mordor! – worldbuilding

Sat 20:23 How can I check if string exists in file –

Sat 20:23 Cryptic Multiplications – codegolf

Sat 15:23 Any algebraic way to check valid permutations on a cube? – math

Sat 15:23 The parity of the maximal number of consecutive 1s in the binary expansion of an integer –

Sat 15:23 Is there a plan to provide the Trending sort option to sites other than Stack Overflow? – meta

Sat 15:23 Porting C-style socket to CPP class – codereview

Sat 15:23 What do we mean when we say gravitational waves are non-linear and do not superpose like EM waves? – physics

Sat 15:23 On the definition of ray (optics) and wavefront of light – physics

Sat 15:23 About the definition of group algebra – math

Sat 08:23 Does a South African ban affect a UK visa? – travel

Sat 08:23 Sudoku Solver in C without recursion – codereview

Sat 08:23 Can "another" be preceded by "what" as in "What another factor will affect the rollout of the product?" – ell

Sat 08:23 Is it wrong to fly on holiday? – philosophy

Sat 08:23 A FEW figures (literally) – puzzling

Sat 08:23 Vorpal Sword vs. Wildshape – rpg

Sat 08:23 Executable vs Library in Bash Script – unix

Sat 08:23 Now I've boxed my ABC's – puzzling

Sat 08:23 Would Medieval Paratroopers be useful for sieging castles? – worldbuilding

Sat 08:23 How did Frodo's and Sam's non-Orc clothes get back from Mount Doom? – scifi

Sat 08:23 How can I word an aspect that I can potentially veto being compelled without using an X-Card? – rpg

Fri 20:23 What does machine learning learn about DFT? – mattermodeling

Fri 20:23 Why does 'アプリストア’ mean appstore? – japanese

Fri 20:23 Can I change my flight and travel dates before my B2 Visa interview? – travel

Fri 20:23 What is the origin of the phrase "(strength) on the part of"? – english

Fri 20:23 how to programmatically get the job id of a newly backgrounded process in bash – unix

Fri 20:23 how to write bits into a file in bash instead of ascii values – unix

Fri 15:23 What is the meaning of "He would have finished work"? – ell

Fri 15:23 Calculate the percentage of a polygon either side of a line – gis

Fri 15:23 Why use a large separate starshade instead of an occulting disk? – astronomy

Fri 15:23 Is the rumor true that 90% of the visitors of "Wacken Open Air" are male? Are there any figures on this? – travel

Fri 15:23 A military guy, named Troy travels back in time with no going back in some lightbulb factory. He went back in time to prevent someone from buying gold – scifi

Fri 15:23 Is it a bad idea to make a villain or a main character too unlikeable? – writing

Fri 15:23 Why does Robin make a comment about Nancy having a Tom Cruise poster? – movies

Fri 15:23 How to insert an ascii character in a line position? –

Fri 15:23 What's the point of grilles on the external doors of our building? – diy

Fri 08:23 Surviving Overboard in Spelljammer – rpg

Fri 08:23 Why are most the common processors' bit count a power of 2? –

Fri 08:23 Was there risk that Speaker Pelosi's aircraft could have been shot down by the People's Liberation Army? – politics

Fri 08:23 Can a Gloom Stalker continuously use Dread Ambusher if they knock-out or eliminate enemy after enemy, as long as it happens in one turn? – rpg

Fri 08:23 Why do some airports do immigration check at arrival gate before passengers go through the actual immigration? – travel

Fri 08:23 Is the EU a relevant political threat to the Russian federation (post 2022 invasion of Ukraine)? – politics

Fri 08:23 How can I match text at the beginning of a line and print the X previous lines along with the matched one? – unix

Fri 08:23 Does there exists a finite set of points in Euclidean plane in which every point has at least 3 points in the same distance? –

Fri 08:23 Why is there a current in R1 in this MOSFET circuit? Isn't it suppose to be zero? – electronics

Fri 08:23 How to pass 1000 elo – chess

Fri 08:23 Why did curved forks disappear? – bicycles

Fri 08:23 Would adding the standard cantrip damage scaling to Shillelagh only for single-class druids be unbalanced? – rpg

Fri 08:23 Is it ethically justifiable to conceal a fatal conceptual flaw in a thesis to avoid an unaffordable 2-year setback if the flaw is the advisor's fault? – academia

Fri 08:23 Is it reasonable that a nation reject reincarnation? – worldbuilding

Thu 20:23 Centered cells with tabularx and linebreak – tex

Thu 20:23 Why is the anchor=north west not working with a circle, but with a rectangle? – tex

Thu 20:23 Order By causes a scan on a large table – dba

Thu 20:23 What do opera and musical singers do in order to feel the pulse of the music? – music

Thu 20:23 A crossword with no clues? – puzzling

Thu 20:23 Why did the Federation struggle so hard to understand the Tamarians? – scifi

Thu 20:23 What single change in history would make rear steering cars a standard? – worldbuilding

Thu 15:23 How could a black desert form? – worldbuilding

Thu 15:23 What is a “HIDE” system on F/A-18? – aviation

Thu 15:23 Was Alex Jones's attorney handing over phone-record evidence a "mishap" or required by law? – law

Thu 15:23 Number of finite index subgroups in a free abelian group –

Thu 15:23 Can the wavelength of the standing wave be different from the wavelength of the sound it emits? – physics

Thu 15:23 "Playing cornet in open style"? – music

Thu 15:23 Large array programming in PIC – electronics

Thu 15:23 Addition of gravitational fields in General Relativity – physics

Thu 15:23 Why did bent forks disappear? – bicycles

Thu 15:23 A science fiction story where a recent murder victim is briefly revived in an attempt to identify the killer – scifi

Thu 15:23 Is it appropriate to ask to be delisted from department webpage? – academia

Thu 08:23 Several mistakes in published work: Advice – academia

Thu 08:23 Convert image into ASCII art – codereview

Thu 08:23 How does the spell Black Tentacles work? – rpg

Thu 08:23 What will my typical radiation exposure be for one week in Bad Gastein? – travel

Thu 08:23 Why does this preconditioner effectively reduce the condition number of a random SPD matrix? – scicomp

Thu 08:23 SQL Server LOB variables and memory usage – dba

Thu 08:23 Reason for breakdown of a nice binomial identity –

Thu 08:23 Did a million Germans die after World War 2 in "Eisenhower's death camps"? – skeptics

Thu 08:23 Sharing 41 sticks between 42 people – puzzling

Thu 08:23 Find The Average String Between Two Strings – codegolf

Thu 08:23 What is the point of the "oven" step in seasoning pans? – cooking

Thu 08:23 Tikz find coordinates of beginning and end of a shortened curved line – tex

Thu 08:23 Why would a rural village need rope in times of famine? – worldbuilding

Thu 08:23 Will this Turing machine find a proof of its halting? –

Wed 20:23 Type-generic queue implementation using singly linked lists – codereview

Wed 20:23 Object Interactions and the location of the object? – rpg

Wed 20:23 Remove elements with even instances from a list – mathematica

Wed 20:23 Why do fixies (fixed-gear bicycles) have one brake on the front? – bicycles

Wed 20:23 Funds parking during Schengen visa application process – travel

Wed 20:23 Find a fitting function for a strongly monotonically falling function – mathematica

Wed 20:23 Where does “beats me” come from? – english

Wed 20:23 Prime lights out – puzzling

Wed 20:23 Is WolframAlpha wrong? or am I? – math

Wed 20:23 How to calculate the added expected damage from critical hits? – rpg

Wed 15:23 Mystery telephone connection block in old cottage – diy

Wed 15:23 QGIS open project with specific user profile – gis

Wed 15:23 How did Joysticks with more than 4 buttons and all those extra features work on a Game Port? – retrocomputing

Wed 15:23 Could a compiler automatically insert memory deallocations if it were to simulate every conditional statement? – cs

Wed 15:23 Why fixies (fixed-gear bicycles) have one brake on the front? – bicycles

Wed 15:23 How to add small details such as buttons/switches? – blender

Wed 15:23 A subtle war between the sexes – worldbuilding

Wed 15:23 How are "long push buttons" done? (For example, a "factory reset button" that has to be pushed for five seconds.) – electronics

Wed 08:23 A flips a fair coin 11 times, B 10 times: what is the probability A gets more heads than B? – stats

Wed 08:23 Is the US allowed to execute a airstrike on Afghan soil after withdrawal? – politics

Wed 08:23 Why Doesn't the Diamond Arrow in this Tikz Code Example Work? – tex

Wed 08:23 What would happen if qualified immunity is ended across the United States? – law

Wed 08:23 Applying Numerical Differentiation on the solution of a FindRoot problem – mathematica

Wed 08:23 Years of experience when hiring a car - would a motorbike license count? – travel

Wed 08:23 Feasibility of an industrial state using tax farming and monopolies for revenue instead of a modern tax system? – worldbuilding

Wed 08:23 Baffled by Internet insanity - "earth spinning faster will break GPS and atomic clocks".. Umm, how? – physics

Wed 08:23 Could one house of Congress completely shut down the other house by passing a large number of frivolous bills? – law

Wed 08:23 At 3% inflation rate is $100 today worth $40 20 years ago – money

Wed 08:23 Short story involving a man who does battle at the molecular level in his own body – scifi

Wed 08:23 ELI5: Why is Russia's requirement for oil to be paid in Roubles abnormal? – politics

Wed 08:23 Remove redundant parentheses – codegolf

Wed 08:23 Why did this legendary game of Carlsen vs Nakamura not trigger threefold-repetition after move 5? – chess

Tue 20:23 Chi squared test with reasonable sample size results in R warning – stats

Tue 20:23 Can you Dispel a Demiplane? – rpg

Tue 20:23 Wrong results measuring a bike chain – bicycles

Tue 20:23 Can You Help Identify This Tool? Assuming It's 1800s! – diy

Tue 20:23 Why does Better Call Saul show future events in black and white? – movies

Tue 20:23 Make a tiny island robust to ecologic collapse – worldbuilding

Tue 20:23 The editor wrote the paper for me –

Tue 20:23 Did I copy that wrong? – puzzling

Tue 20:23 Why does the United States openly acknowledge targeted assassinations? – politics

Tue 15:23 What is this early 3D platformer? – retrocomputing

Tue 15:23 What is the best way to store potatoes? – cooking

Tue 15:23 It "is/was" crazy that he did not attend school for a whole month. - is or was? – ell

Tue 15:23 Trying to relate microphone sensitivity and SPL – electronics

Tue 15:23 How to use jq to return information to the shell, taking whitespace into account? – unix

Tue 15:23 Where do you end up when you cast Dimension Door from an extradimensional space? – rpg

Tue 15:23 Did a vegan dog live for 29 years? – skeptics

Tue 15:23 Animated show where a slave boy tries to escape and is then told to find a robot fugitive – scifi

Tue 15:23 In practice, how explicitly can we describe a Galois representation? –

Tue 15:23 The Expanse: Sustained Gs during space travel – scifi

Tue 15:23 How to curl case-insensitive –

Tue 08:23 Is it plausible for only living animals to be valid candidates for cloning? – worldbuilding

Tue 08:23 How to create \in-symbol with underbar that has rounded edges and correct vertical spacing? – tex

Tue 08:23 A Progressive Flag Matrix – puzzling

Tue 08:23 How can I refill the toilet after the water has evaporated from disuse? – diy

Tue 08:23 What are the possible attributes of aluminum-based blood? – worldbuilding

Tue 08:23 Raulothim's Psychic Lance vs. Cube of Force layer 4? – rpg

Tue 08:23 Drivetrain 1x12 or 2x10 for my MTB use case? – bicycles

Tue 08:23 How to fit many graphs neatly into a paper? – mathematica

Tue 08:23 Why do we add status tags to support questions? – meta

Tue 08:23 Is anyone with accumulated wealth saved? – christianity

Tue 08:23 Math: overwrite \int command – tex

Tue 08:23 Industry job right after PhD: will it affect my chances for a postdoc in the future? – academia

Tue 08:23 I started a show a few months ago on a streaming app and I can't remember the name of it. I thought it was a Star Wars spin-off at first – scifi

Tue 08:23 How much energy would it take to keep a floating city aloft? – worldbuilding

Tue 08:23 Remove redundant parenthesis – codegolf

Tue 08:23 In which European countries is illegal to publicly state an opinion that in the US would be protected by the first amendment? – law

Mon 20:23 When did Wiktoria Narutowicz die? – history

Mon 20:23 Aligning two molecules in XYZ format, before v12.3 – mathematica

Mon 20:23 Would satellites going into a rendez-vous show a difference in potential leading to an arc between the structures? – space

Mon 20:23 Can we get shock by ionic current? – physics

Mon 20:23 is the French certificate of renewal of CNI enough to prove my identity in Switzerland – travel

Mon 20:23 What rating point advantage does playing White equate to? – chess

Mon 20:23 Ensemble classifiers trained using different sets of features – stats

Mon 20:23 Noob question: drivetrain 1x12 or 2x10 for my use case [MTB] – bicycles

Mon 20:23 Is it possible to return a rental car in a different country? – travel

Mon 20:23 Could one house of Congress completely shut down the other house by passing large amounts of frivolous bills? – law

Mon 15:23 Could the German government decide to free Russian citizen Vadim Krasikov from prison? – politics

Mon 15:23 What does an area represent in a spacetime diagram? – physics

Mon 15:23 Is "wait" an exclamation in this context? – ell

Mon 15:23 When can we divide continuous functions? –

Mon 15:23 What is "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern" in _The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel_ season 3 episode 5? – movies

Mon 15:23 How to prove that both people know the same dictionary word? – crypto

Mon 15:23 Why must fermenting meat be kept cold, but not vegetables? – cooking

Mon 15:23 How do I politely refuse/cut-off a person who needs me only when they want something? – interpersonal

Mon 15:23 How does JWST position itself to see resolve exact target? – astronomy

Mon 15:23 Whites of Their Eyes – puzzling

Mon 15:23 Assumption of Mary (Mariä Himmelfahrt) in Munich, what is closed or open? – travel

Mon 15:23 How much does it cost to manufacture a conductor stone? – rpg

Mon 15:23 How Can Cooked Meat Still Have Protein Value? – cooking

Mon 15:23 Calculating length of curve based on data points? – mathematica

Mon 08:23 Why did the folks at Marvel Studios remove the character Death from the Infinity Saga? – scifi

Mon 08:23 Why was Max Verstappen not required to start on his Q2 tyres in the Hungary GP? – sports

Mon 08:23 IE's Extra Robust Color Parsing® – codegolf

Mon 08:23 What is the gravitational force acting on a massless body? – physics

Mon 08:23 What does the Ariane 5 rocket use to turn? – space

Mon 08:23 Is there a device to plug in to dead socket to figure out which breaker? – diy

Mon 08:23 Aircraft over Paris – aviation

Mon 08:23 How is the Sandbox archive off-topic? – meta

Mon 08:23 Is there a way to add my Strength modifier to my Armor Class? – rpg

Mon 08:23 Easy Jet flight Amsterdam to Malaga with a change in London in the middle. Not allowed to board flight because of no UK entry Visa – travel

Mon 08:23 Why am I getting strange upper & lower limits on a gamma distribution? – stats

Mon 08:23 Derivation of the Indo-European lemma *bʰréh₂tēr – linguistics

Mon 08:23 Do the Huichol of Mexico tie rope around the father's testicles during birth? – skeptics

Mon 08:23 Why is a 220 Ω resistor for this LED suggested if Ohm's law seems to say much less is required? – electronics

Mon 08:23 The Road to a Fulfilling Life – puzzling

Mon 08:23 Can I get a clock signal from a 4-pin crystal oscillator circuit by applying 5V to the input pin? – electronics

Mon 08:23 Ethical implications of using scraped e-mail addresses for survey – academia

Mon 08:23 How Can Cooked Meat Have Protein Value? – cooking

Mon 08:23 How long does Legendary Resistance last? – rpg

Mon 08:23 Transform characters of your choice into "Hello, world!" – codegolf

Sun 20:23 Math Proofs - why are they important and how are they useful? – matheducators

Sun 20:23 Minimizing the combined neighbourhood of a path in a grid graph – mathematica

Sun 20:23 Which book should I choose to get into the Lisp World? – cseducators

Sun 20:23 Does a Vial of Acid, Oil, Alchemist Fire, or other improvised weapon adventuring gear still require an Object Interaction to 'draw' first? – rpg

Sun 20:23 newtag for my equation-environment – tex

Sun 20:23 Air brakes on F-35 behind the cockpit – aviation

Sun 20:23 How can I redesign a high-frequency, high-voltage power supply causing EMI around the home? – electronics

Sun 20:23 Is coda the same thing as a cadence? – music

Sun 20:23 Gravitational force acting on a massless body? – physics

Sun 20:23 Repeat Hello World according to another string's length – codegolf

Sun 20:23 Is there a name for this fallacy when someone says something is good by only pointing out the good things? – philosophy

Sun 20:23 Meaning of 'glass that's with canary lined'? – english

Sun 20:23 Why are magnetic field lines imaginary? – physics

Sun 20:23 Generate all Possibilities of Words – codegolf

Sun 20:23 Why would space traders pick up and offload their goods from an orbiting platform rather than direct to the planet? – worldbuilding

Sun 15:23 Why won't this electromagnet home experiment work? – physics

Sun 15:23 Spacing before and after \color{} – tex

Sun 15:23 Why is there a white panel in astronaut’s fabric headcover they wear inside the hard helmet? – space

Sun 15:23 How can I tell when FFMPEG is done writing a file? –

Sun 15:23 What does "Clean Clothes" do? – gaming

Sun 15:23 Page-turning number of a graph –

Sun 15:23 How to extend useful life of IR LED and photodiode pair – electronics

Sun 15:23 Air brakes on F35 behind the cockpit – aviation

Sun 15:23 Perl: speed of s/// – unix

Sun 15:23 Why does "cp" complain about identical files when chaining with "find"? –

Sun 15:23 Was it accurate (history-wise) for Koenig to know about robots? – scifi

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