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Sat 20:23 Polynomial values are powers of two –

Sat 15:23 The convex hull of a manifold whose cobordism class is trivial –

Sat 08:23 Can we state the Riemann Hypothesis part of the Weil conjectures directly in terms of the count of points? –

Thu 20:23 Has this number-theoretic constant been studied? –

Wed 20:23 British "Unrigorous" Mathematics Work Prior To G.H. Hardy –

Wed 08:23 Is amateur research in mathematics viable? –

Mon 15:23 Does permission always work? –

Mon 08:23 Derivations on the continuous functions of a manifold –

Mon 08:23 Specific application of Cauchy-Schwarz and Large Sieve –

Sat 20:23 Grothendieck's relative point of view and Yoneda lemma –

Fri 15:23 Converse to Hopf degree theorem –

Thu 20:23 Which theorems have Pythagoras' Theorem as a special case? –

Thu 08:23 Mathematicians learning from engineers or from "engineers" –

Tue 20:23 Explicit triples of isomorphic Riemann surfaces –

Tue 15:23 Exercise 8.13 - Brezis –

Tue 08:23 Can an odd number of marbles jump to infinity? –

Sun 20:23 Group of exponential growth always contains a free sub-group? –

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