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Mon 20:23 In what configuration file format do regular expressions not need escaping? – softwareengineering

Mon 20:23 Why are the pin numbers of the diagrams and of the code different? – arduino

Mon 20:23 How to allocate processor to process at startup –

Mon 20:23 How to simulate the frequency of each face for N die rolls? – stats

Mon 20:23 Was there recent book burning in Canada? – skeptics

Mon 20:23 Can my username and profile picture be my company? – meta

Mon 20:23 Is it possible to protect business ideas? – money

Mon 20:23 CRM with Client Side Encryption – security

Mon 20:23 Best response to the Evolution of Trust? – codegolf

Mon 20:23 How to reconcile 'You are already enlightened. There's no need to strive!' with 'You should strive for enlightenment. Purify your mind!' – buddhism

Mon 20:23 How to make three little curly braces for this table? – tex

Mon 20:23 If my electronic devices are searched, can a police officer use my ideas? – law

Mon 20:23 Electrical reason for the minimum altitude (-50 feet) in the computer specs? – electronics

Mon 20:23 When is swap file harmful? – unix

Mon 20:23 Convert to NA after a specific value by row –

Mon 15:23 Read sympy expression in .txt file as Mathematica input – mathematica

Mon 15:23 Bench power supply with no minimum output voltage – electronics

Mon 15:23 Why "would" come up here? – ell

Mon 15:23 How to convert (volume of work, risk, complexity, uncertainty) to story points? – pm

Mon 15:23 Mars like world at a Venus like solar distance – worldbuilding

Mon 15:23 When connecting an Arduino Uno to the internet (ethernet) what are some attacks it's susceptible to and how can I secure against them? – security

Mon 15:23 Sources for cryptology papers – crypto

Mon 15:23 Choosing my "best works" for a tenure-track application – academia

Mon 15:23 What is the information on Captain Kirk's tombstone? – scifi

Mon 15:23 Why is ROC insensitive to class distributions? – stats

Mon 15:23 Why are other countries reacting negatively to Australia's decision to deploy nuclear submarines? – politics

Mon 15:23 What's the proper and efficient way of development for Managed package with multi developers? – salesforce

Mon 15:23 Why protons are the nucleus not electrons in an atom? – physics

Mon 15:23 The Skills of Great mods – meta

Mon 08:23 I must be completely misunderstanding Mirror, because it doesn't seem to do anything? – blender

Mon 08:23 Can I use Fabricate and a horse to create burger patties and/or sausages? – rpg

Mon 08:23 Interesting use of "so much" – english

Mon 08:23 Combine sublists of nested list when the first two list elements are equal – mathematica

Mon 08:23 Semi-infinite domain transformation – scicomp

Mon 08:23 Why are German local authorities taxing DoD employees, despite the protests of the US and of the German federal government? – politics

Mon 08:23 Will a blocking diode in series with pull-up resistors negatively affect the I2C bus? – electronics

Mon 08:23 Is it possible for a land organism to break the sound barrier via running? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Alignment of equation using \begin{align} – tex

Mon 08:23 How does Breath Weapon work while blind? – rpg

Mon 08:23 Car oil pressure gauge flips between 0 and 100% – mechanics

Mon 08:23 Could artificial gravity help send large spacecrafts into space? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Cost per launch to ISS: Starliner vs Crew Dragon – space

Mon 08:23 When to add fresh basil to homemade pizza – cooking

Mon 08:23 Triple countdown sequence – codegolf

Sun 20:23 Determinising unambiguous automata without exponential blowup – cstheory

Sun 20:23 How to change Reference image color within blender? – blender

Sun 20:23 Movie where humanity is turned into vampires – scifi

Sun 20:23 What do these two segments mean in Milton's "On Shakespeare"? – literature

Sun 20:23 How to increase the range of the spectrum analyzer in SDRSharp? – ham

Sun 20:23 Would it be wrong to say that the processor (and hardware) is the implementation of an interpreter for machine language? – cs

Sun 20:23 Limiting 1000uF capacitor inrush current to protect fuse and power source – electronics

Sun 20:23 Compare strings, extract unique values from one (QGIS) – gis

Sun 20:23 How to run a script every 64 hours? – unix

Sun 20:23 How can a Kestrel stay still in the wind? – physics

Sun 15:23 How do Spirit Shroud and Green-flame Blade interact? – rpg

Sun 15:23 Why are screw holes in most of the door hinges in zigzag orientation? – engineering

Sun 15:23 Was there another time where a Western country recalled its diplomats from the U.S.? – politics

Sun 15:23 How did Shukracharya get Sanjeevani Vidya? – hinduism

Sun 15:23 Is sampling with replacement better than sampling without replacement? – stats

Sun 15:23 Would a spacecrafts artificial gravity give it an atmosphere? – worldbuilding

Sun 15:23 Unpinning the accepted answer from the top of the list of answers – meta

Sun 15:23 Does "2001 A Space Odyssey" involve faster than light communication? – scifi

Sun 15:23 Checking if two line segments intersect – mathematica

Sun 08:23 Checking if two lines intersect – mathematica

Sun 08:23 What is neutral constructive mathematics –

Sun 08:23 Why are there no known white dwarfs between 1.35 to 1.44 solar masses? – physics

Sun 08:23 How can a ghostly being who can't be remembered for longer than 60 seconds secure access to electricity? – worldbuilding

Sun 08:23 Short story about intelligent lobsters on a religious pilgrimage – scifi

Sun 08:23 How to draw this cube with holes? – tex

Sun 08:23 Dealing with a micromanaging instructor, as a teaching assistant – academia

Sun 08:23 What does this schematic symbol mean? (Circle with an arrow in it) – electronics

Sun 08:23 Find the sliced sheet of paper – codegolf

Sun 08:23 16 Step Switchover – puzzling

Sun 08:23 Deleting list members by rule – mathematica

Sun 08:23 How to reconcile these two versions of a "linear model"? – stats

Sun 08:23 What is the word for the edible part of a fruit with rind (e.g., lemon, orange, avocado, watermelon)? – english

Sun 08:23 Why doesn't oil produce sound when poured? – physics

Sun 08:23 Would a feudal lord sabotage the education of a foreign noble child in their custody? – worldbuilding

Sun 08:23 Can a prisoner invite a vampire into his cell? – rpg

Sat 20:23 Does suffero have perfect forms? – latin

Sat 20:23 Is 😂 a word/letter? – linguistics

Sat 20:23 What happens behind the scenes when a EU COVID-19 vaccine certificate gets scanned? – travel

Sat 20:23 Categories disguised as other structures –

Sat 20:23 How to curve mesh in multiple axis at the same time? – blender

Sat 20:23 What are the consequences of putting an inside-out bag of holding inside a bag of holding? – rpg

Sat 20:23 When Sir Jeffrey Donaldson campaigned to leave the EU, how exactly did he think the matter of the border would be resolved? – politics

Sat 20:23 Bar lines in lilypond – music

Sat 20:23 Connecting 2 coordinates in tikz – tex

Sat 20:23 Apply gravity to this matrix – codegolf

Sat 15:23 Why are there three pins in this relay diagram? – electronics

Sat 15:23 On what UNIX-like system / filesystem is the st_blocks field returned by stat() not a number of 512-byte units? – unix

Sat 15:23 Can criminal law be retroactive in the United States? – law

Sat 15:23 Where in Ireland is Miles O'Brien from? – scifi

Sat 08:23 Is there any pronoun in English that can include both HE and SHE? – writing

Sat 08:23 Issue with fade-no-fill.sty – tex

Sat 08:23 Pythagorean triangle dissection – puzzling

Sat 08:23 Was Christ's statement in John 8:24 a claim of deity, and why would the Jews follow-up with "Who are you?" (8:25)? – hermeneutics

Sat 08:23 Armor of Agathys on a Conquest Paladin – rpg

Sat 08:23 Can a linear amplifier have finite bandwidth? – electronics

Sat 08:23 The practicalities of magically-assisted fuel-air explosives in a fantasy world – worldbuilding

Sat 08:23 Why is there no spacing between table and text – tex

Sat 08:23 Should I use MBR or GPT when initializing my SSD for an Ubuntu install? –

Sat 08:23 Why is the West concerned about the enforcement of certain attire on women in Afghanistan but unconcerned about similar European policy? – politics

Sat 08:23 Words with a letter sound at the start but not the letter – puzzling

Fri 20:23 If your field is so isolated that nobody cites your work, does that make you irrelevant? – academia

Fri 20:23 Way to shortcut `\limits` for a whole page – tex

Fri 20:23 How to plot a signal (function) on a graph (object of graph theory) – mathematica

Fri 20:23 How do I read papers relevant to my research that are written in a language I do not know? – academia

Fri 20:23 Why don't Agents take over people before they swallow the red pill? – scifi

Fri 20:23 Why these SMD heatsinks are designed for not touching the IC? – electronics

Fri 20:23 How to decode contents of a batch file with chinese characters –

Fri 20:23 Anatomically Correct Vegetable Lamb – worldbuilding

Fri 20:23 If a creature with a fly Speed of 30 ft. has the Fly spell cast upon it, does it now have a 90 ft. fly speed, or only 60 ft. total? – rpg

Fri 20:23 Replacement for Pearl Barley in cottage Pie – cooking

Fri 20:23 Why doesn't oil produce a sound when poured? – physics

Fri 20:23 Why do American gas stations' bathrooms apparently use these huge keys? – travel

Fri 15:23 Finder can show milliseconds - is this new in macOS? – apple

Fri 15:23 Neural Processing Lattice Checker – codegolf

Fri 15:23 Why the media is concerned about the sharia and the treatment of women in Afghanistan, but not in Saudi Arabia? – politics

Fri 15:23 Does the FAA limit plane passengers to have no more than two carry-on luggage? – travel

Fri 15:23 Minimal mine track – bricks

Fri 15:23 Can a landowner charge a dead person for renting property in the U.S.? – law

Fri 15:23 My clarinet is playing flat - how can I fix it? – music

Fri 15:23 Coworkers treating me differently for being the only one not doing free overtime – workplace

Fri 15:23 Book About Survival Test on Another Planet – scifi

Fri 15:23 Would having an Army Air Service have any disadvantages as compared to an independent Air Force – worldbuilding

Fri 15:23 /t͡ʃ/ vs. /ʧ/ vs. /tʃ/ – linguistics

Fri 15:23 Meeting was getting extended regularly: discussion turned to conflict – workplace

Fri 15:23 Why is Merry called "Holdwine"? – scifi

Fri 08:23 How did the mail become such a sacred right in the US? – politics

Fri 08:23 Does uncertainty principle apply to holes/gaps in matter? – physics

Fri 08:23 What is the word that is synonym to "right", and sound like "rido"? – english

Fri 08:23 What’s the earliest work of science fiction to start out of order? – scifi

Fri 08:23 Could merfolk cook without air by using electrical heating? – worldbuilding

Fri 08:23 Why can we choose spin-1/2 degrees of freedom to commute? – physics

Fri 08:23 Boss is suggesting I learn the codebase in my free time – workplace

Fri 08:23 How can a player smoothly transition from death to playing a hireling? – rpg

Fri 08:23 Heteropalindromes in a Word Square – puzzling

Fri 08:23 What happens behind the scenes when a EU covid vaccine certificate gets scanned? – travel

Fri 08:23 What does Big O actually tell you? – math

Fri 08:23 Do you have to use an instrumentation amplifier to measure voltage across a 0.01 ohm shunt? – electronics

Thu 20:23 How can a 9mm square antenna pick up GPS? – electronics

Thu 20:23 Search and replace with AWK but in file with multiple columns and separators – unix

Thu 20:23 Where do I find help with naming that song? – meta

Thu 20:23 What type of tool has more strength? CR-V (Chrome Vanadium) or those black color tools? – mechanics

Thu 20:23 Do alternate forms of vision count as being able to see for the purposes of spells that require the target to see the caster? – rpg

Thu 20:23 I'm not seeing any measurement/wave-function collapse issue in Quantum Mechanics – physics

Thu 20:23 If your field is so narrow that nobody cites your work, does that make you irrelevant? – academia

Thu 20:23 War Abolished, Works of Machiavelli required – scifi

Thu 20:23 How would the ability to make binding oaths of truth affect people's view on politics – worldbuilding

Thu 20:23 Odyssey game console: what's the deal with "English Control"? – retrocomputing

Thu 15:23 Prove an inequality over the reals, given a constraint – mathematica

Thu 15:23 Can humanoids be of dark skin despite living somewhat lower than the equator and vice versa? – worldbuilding

Thu 15:23 Why are there 3 pins in the relay diagram – electronics

Thu 15:23 What is the Commodore 64C "France version" and why does it need a beefy resistor? – retrocomputing

Thu 15:23 Is it okay to mention my country's situation in PhD applications? – academia

Thu 15:23 Sell stocks or borrow money from a friend to pay my credit card bill? – money

Thu 08:23 In what key signature is singing written in, and how do I adapt for alto saxophone? – music

Thu 08:23 Central planet in binary star system? – worldbuilding

Thu 08:23 If you have only self-citations, does that make you irrelevant in academia? – academia

Thu 08:23 Sudoku on a countably infinite board – math

Thu 08:23 Does it constitute murder if the attempted murder fails but the victim dies anyway as a side effect of the attacker's actions? – law

Thu 08:23 What is the point of washing produce in cold water? – cooking

Thu 08:23 Employee asking other employees if they have been vaccinated – workplace

Thu 08:23 Why do the enemies have finite aggro ranges? – worldbuilding

Thu 08:23 Are there rules and/or lore in any edition of D&D for managing time-travel paradoxes? – rpg

Thu 08:23 You kinda died, but we are about to get screwed over, so please get up and fight – worldbuilding

Thu 08:23 English An or A? – codegolf

Thu 08:23 Are pictures of Earth' space junk realistic? – space

Thu 08:23 Can I get a DUI in my wheelchair? – law

Thu 08:23 Is it a row of Pascal's triangle? – codegolf

Wed 20:23 How would the Crown change New Zealand's name to Aotearoa in order to help restore the status the Māori language? – politics

Wed 20:23 Did viking longboats in fact have shields on the side of the ships? – history

Wed 20:23 Copy a function instead of referencing – mathematica

Wed 20:23 Conditions for Modern Trench Warfare – worldbuilding

Wed 20:23 Pact Boon and Find Familiar: Will changing from Pact of the Chain to Pact of the Tome affect your familiar's form? – rpg

Wed 20:23 Why would I ever NOT use percentage for sizes? – graphicdesign

Wed 20:23 Can a contract be backdated to cover a previous gap? – law

Wed 20:23 A 240V heater is wired w/ 2 hots and no neutral. What should the voltage between two hots read? – diy

Wed 20:23 Dynamic breaks of legend text in QGIS Atlas – gis

Wed 20:23 Use awk to delete everything after the "," – unix

Wed 20:23 Opening scene arrival on Mars to discover they've been beaten to it – scifi

Wed 15:23 The direction of the velocity of a body can change when its acceleration is constant. How is it possible since acceleration is a vector quantity? – physics

Wed 15:23 Calculating statistical significance on survey results – stats

Wed 15:23 How do you decide UI colors when logo consist of three colors? – ux

Wed 15:23 Why the molecule of water isn't linear straight? – physics

Wed 15:23 This long, skinny plant caused red bumps on my son's knee within minutes. Is it poisonous? – outdoors

Wed 15:23 How can I seek help in preparing a very long research article for publication? –

Wed 15:23 Drawing rotated triangles inside triangles – tex

Wed 15:23 Are currency terms like USD, EUR, CNY used in all languages? – money

Wed 15:23 Reference regarded as plagiarism – academia

Wed 08:23 All post history events are now incorrectly showing as edits in post histories and timelines – meta

Wed 08:23 Convert to a non-adjacent form – codegolf

Wed 08:23 Is a spin structure on a knot complement the same thing as an orientation of the knot? –

Wed 08:23 Looking for a sci-fi book about a boy with a brain tumor that causes him to feel constantly happy despite the fact he's heading towards death – scifi

Wed 08:23 What is the process of storing food in toothpaste'ish tubes? – cooking

Wed 08:23 Overlay a 0 with a | – tex

Wed 08:23 Is it legal to run a business where members subscribe for a chance to purchase a product each month? – law

Wed 08:23 Should you publish your book online for feedback? – writing

Wed 08:23 Why are only Infrared rays classified as "heat rays"? – physics

Wed 08:23 Are there integrated logic gates "AND with one inverted input"? – electronics

Wed 08:23 What is the code for the rings stamped on the top of canned food? – cooking

Wed 08:23 How to handle breath weapon recharge when combat is interrupted? – rpg

Wed 08:23 What is the purpose of mirrored memory regions in NES's CPU memory map? – retrocomputing

Wed 08:23 The site settings section of user preferences is now fully responsive – meta

Tue 20:23 Discrete and Continuous variables. What is the definition? – stats

Tue 20:23 Are there any gliders that can fly over the Himalayas? – aviation

Tue 20:23 Security considerations of x86 vs x64 – security

Tue 20:23 Why did my plane descend nose down? – aviation

Tue 20:23 Need help identifying this Vintage road bike :) – bicycles

Tue 20:23 How would WW2-level navy deal with my "merfolk"? – worldbuilding

Tue 20:23 How discreetly can a small spacecraft crash land? – worldbuilding

Tue 20:23 A peer "gives" me tasks in public and makes it look like I work for him – workplace

Tue 15:23 Table for Questionnaire – tex

Tue 15:23 Quantity of rice per diameter of paella pan? – cooking

Tue 15:23 "This kind of particles" or "These kind of particles" – ell

Tue 15:23 How discretely can a small spacecraft crash land? – worldbuilding

Tue 15:23 Why is the thermal resistance of copper shown higher than FR4 in below snap? – electronics

Tue 15:23 Hero detonates a weapon in a giant ship's armoury, reaction is to be asked to stop – scifi

Tue 15:23 Is Price Discrimination in the Software Industry legal in the US? – law

Tue 15:23 Why does economics escape Godel's theorems? – economics

Tue 15:23 Simplify K projections – codegolf

Tue 15:23 English equivalent of "To those you try to help, he says I am only right." – english

Tue 15:23 If I ask a question that turns out to be something basic I'm missing can it damage my reputation? – academia

Tue 15:23 Was Wil Wheaton's part cut from the movie, "The Last Starfighter" (1984) – scifi

Tue 15:23 Not my manager "gives" me tasks in public and make it look like I work for them – workplace

Tue 08:23 What happens if a druid is wild shaped as an Earth elemental and gets turned into stone? – rpg

Tue 08:23 Are there regular open tunings for guitar? – music

Tue 08:23 Why is the Canadian Cross used for cross-compilation in Linux From Scratch? – unix

Tue 08:23 Tikz, how to give 2 shapes the same height – tex

Tue 08:23 Are char arrays guaranteed to be null terminated? –

Tue 08:23 How do you tie up a mermaid? – worldbuilding

Tue 08:23 For a postdoctoral fellowship, what is more important: number of positions, length of time in a/the position(s), or variety of research? – academia

Tue 08:23 Why have my intelligent pigeons not taken over the continent? – worldbuilding

Tue 08:23 Multiple small AH batteries vs one large battery – diy

Tue 08:23 VC dimension of standard topology on the reals –

Tue 08:23 Do these “ultraweak” one-sided group axioms guarantee a group? – math

Tue 08:23 How did Isaac Asimov come up with the 3 laws of robotics? – scifi

Tue 08:23 Do you lose solutions when differentiating to solve an integral equation? – math

Tue 08:23 Discrete and Continuous variables – stats

Tue 08:23 Why do one-party states still have a party at all? – politics

Tue 08:23 What happens when a laser beam is stuck between two mirrors and the distance in-between is decreased gradually? Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle – physics

Tue 08:23 Reducing download time using prime numbers – math

Mon 20:23 How to detach this connect? – mechanics

Mon 20:23 What is a non-merge commit? – softwareengineering

Mon 20:23 Cannot display "et al" in my citation – tex

Mon 20:23 How would space exploration develop among people who already have access to other planets by magical means – worldbuilding

Mon 20:23 Encoding salt as hex before hashing bad practice? – crypto

Mon 20:23 what makes locate so fast compared with find –

Mon 20:23 The Thieves and the Gold Bars – puzzling

Mon 20:23 Thoughts on building a brace for a heavy chandelier? – diy

Mon 20:23 How does a robot distinguish different metals and materials for self repair? – worldbuilding

Mon 20:23 What is the difference between these two structure declarations? –

Mon 20:23 What is the correct name for this instrument? – music

Mon 20:23 Why aren't takeoff flaps used all the way up to cruise altitude? – aviation

Mon 20:23 sed : have a range finishing with the last occurrence of a pattern (greedy range) – unix

Mon 15:23 What is the best technique to use when turning my bicycle? – bicycles

Mon 15:23 In the etymology of 'physics', what is the ultimate Greek root? – latin

Mon 15:23 What does Protestantism define as 'that which is to be believed' unto righteousness? – christianity

Mon 15:23 Why would the PLAAF buy additional Su-35 fighters from Russia? – politics

Mon 15:23 Can someone elaborate on the meaning of the word "Sabaoth" in James 5:4? (cf. Rom. 9:29) – hermeneutics

Mon 15:23 Math Ph.D. does not know what to do with life? – academia

Mon 15:23 Why are takeoff flaps not used until reaching cruise altitude? – aviation

Mon 08:23 Is there a reason why the range of acceptable indexing varies across gears? – bicycles

Mon 08:23 How do I round this shape without serious clipping issues? – blender

Mon 08:23 Metric bolt shear strength for a layman – engineering

Mon 08:23 Is copyright law international? – law

Mon 08:23 Do posts in the first answers and first questions queues age out? – meta

Mon 08:23 Three plots in one plot – mathematica

Mon 08:23 What is the average note distribution in C major? – music

Mon 08:23 What's needed for a solar powered past? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Why is an airfoil shaped like a teardrop? – physics

Mon 08:23 Can I legally add an outlet with 2 screws when the previous outlet was passthough with 4 screws? – diy

Mon 08:23 In terms of wordcount, what is the longest published SFF universe? – scifi

Mon 08:23 Implement a tag system simulator – codegolf

Mon 08:23 How were custom chips designed in the days prior to the arrival of FPGAs as hardware emulation devices? – electronics

Mon 08:23 How do submariners contribute to the surface-world? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Why does G# sound right when my melody is in C major – music

Mon 08:23 Pre-Modern Shipping Containers? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 What is a Daniel? – literature

Mon 08:23 Barehanded vs direwolf – worldbuilding

Sun 20:23 Removing a co-author when re-submitting a manuscript – academia

Sun 20:23 “ What is the different between COVID-19 antibodies that you “ - Is the word different wrong in this sentence? – ell

Sun 20:23 Fantasy novel series; one of the books has a general with eagle-like features on the cover – scifi

Sun 20:23 How is LUMO occupancy different from zero in XTB calculation? – mattermodeling

Sun 20:23 Why does a swimmer cross a swimming pool in the same time as a flowing river? – physics

Sun 20:23 Have I properly destroyed my SSD? – security

Sun 20:23 Tiling with Js and Ls – puzzling

Sun 20:23 How to format the first letter of a word differently? – tex

Sun 20:23 Is it ok throw away my unused checks for one of my bank accounts? – money

Sun 15:23 Who designed the cool-looking Orbita Molniya tracking station at Khabarovsk? What does it look like inside? – space

Sun 15:23 How can I track planes at airshows? – photo

Sun 15:23 How do I determine if my cassette is worn – bicycles

Sun 15:23 Why it is convenient to be cartesian closed for a category of spaces? –

Sun 15:23 A simple Minesweeper in Python – codereview

Sun 15:23 Is it ok throw away my unused checks for one of my bank account? – money

Sun 15:23 Quantization of electromagnetic field – physics

Sun 15:23 What would an above-ground residential apartment designed to negate the effects of a one-kiloton nuclear surface burst at 500 meters look like? – worldbuilding

Sun 15:23 Power = Voltage x Current – electronics

Sun 15:23 Can a satellite stay in one place but not above equator? – astronomy

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