This project died because Factorio changed the API in a way that makes this pretty much impossible.

The change also makes it impossible for themselves to do a proper in-game server browser, so I doubt we can expect that soon.

They knew of this website (I asked whether it was okay to use the API for this), but they went ahead and killed it anyway.

Details: to be able to show servers and their settings, I now need to query for each server individually. This means thousands of queries every minute to Wube Inc's API. I doubt they'll like that, and it's my personal API key which I don't want to have revoked. Before, I could just issue 1 query a minute and it would give me all I need to make this page.

This project is open source on Github:
Feel free to update it (to use the new API) and plug in your own API key.
If you make it in a way that people need to auth with to use this, I would be happy to host this again. With credits to you.